Monday, 3 October 2022


 This blog today  entitled WILD is about how we can understand what exactly  is

LOVE? And how we can divine this essence into our conscious understanding.

Love emerges into our consciousness from its SOURCE which is unconditional

undifferentiated love which is then filtered through our awareness and conscious

understanding, into what is often seen as that of "conditional" love. Love is not

am emotion or a feeling, its essence transcends all these limited understandings

of what just "IS". LOVE in essence is an infinite ocean of ABSOLUTE 

WHOLENESS. When we embrace someone we love we feel that we are ONE

yet we are frustrated by the barrier of a body, which will not allow full and 

complete emerging into ONE WHOLENESS. "love is the complete absence of

separation", unconditional love embraces all without any absence of separation.

Our love is conditional because we are unable to let go of apparent differences 

between us and others, WILD is about understanding  how we as human beings,

are really love  embodied within a formed vehicle. Pure energy merges and enfolds

all that it encounters,  we as human beings are not yet able to do this, and we 

therefore erect conditions on our views of what love means to us.  If we truly knew

that in fact we were the very embodiment of love in a flesh and blood body ,then

we would be more open to accepting that we are all apparent separate beings within

a WHOLENESS and completeness that is invisible to us in our present state of

awareness and awakening.

warmest regards michael. any feedback welcomed Facebook Soul Realization.

If this blog resonates within you then please pass it onto your family and friends Thanks.

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